1854 White's                        

DEOPHAM, or Deepham parish, 2½ miles S.E. of Hingham, includes the small village of Deopham Green, and contains 120 scattered houses, 494 inhabitants, and 1,626 acres of land, belonging to a number of proprietors, and lying in two manors, of which Lord Wodehouse and the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury are lords. The latter are appropriators of the rectorial tithes, and patrons of the vicarage, valued in the King’s book. at £5. 7s. 11d., and in 1831 at £204. It has been augmented with £200 Queen Anne’s bounty, and £200 private benefactions, which was laid out in land at Shipdham. The Church, dedicated to St. Andrew, a spacious edifice with a square tower, stands half a mile from the village. The Rev. George Turner is the incumbent. A neat vicarage house and a new school room were erected in 1851. A fine elm tree, 90 feet high, stands in a field occupied by Mr. Archibald Rowing, sen.; a large lime tree of the same height, was cut down from the same land in 1705, the trunk of which was from 8½ to 16 yards in girth. The office of parish clerk, held by William Knights, has been in the same family upwards of a century. The Primi­tive Methodists have a chapel here. The Rev. Henry Rix, in 1726, gave £60 for schooling children, &c.,  which was laid out on 4a. 1r. 32p. of land, now let for £8 a year, out of which 32s. is paid for teaching four children, 10s. for a sermon, 1s. to the clerk, and the rest expended in bread for the poor. The Charter Acre, exchanged at the enclosure for 1a. 38p., let for £3, of which 11s. is paid annually to the sheriff, for renewing the “Town Charter," and the remainder is applied with the church-rates. The Fuel Allotment, 14a. 2r. 13p. awarded at the enclosure in 1814, produces about £23 a year, which is expended in coals and bread for the poor.


Directory  :-


Samuel Clarke,   shopkeeper;

James Clements,   wheelwright;

Jeremiah George,   farmer and shopkeeper

Tomas Kimm,   corn miller

William Knights,   parish clerk

Isaac Lebell,   blacksmith and farmer

Taylor Phœnix senior and junior,   thatchers

James Richardson,   shopkeeper

Mary Smith,   shoemaker

Rev. George Turner,   Vicar

John Wingfield,   smith and vict. Half Moon


Farmers  :-


John Baker

Robert Barker

William Chickle  (Shickle?)

Henry Clark

Robert Eason

Edward Edwards

Thomas C. Ellison

Thomas Leeder

William Liddelow

Thomas Matthews

P.S. Millard

William Miles

Robert Patrick

John Phœnix

Philip Pitts

John Riches

Archibald Rowing, senior, Hall

Mary Taylor

Frederick Turner

William Wright