The village had three schools over the period 1851 - 1980 :-


National (Church of England) School    (1851 - 1908)


This was recorded as ' a neat brick building with a residence attached '. It was erected in 1851, adjacent to the church, to cater for up to 84 children;  being supported by subscriptions.


In 1864 the average attendance was 33. By 1888 & 1892 this had risen to 62 and in 1896 & 1900, was 67. 


The school closed May 1908.


After closure the village children attended Morley St Botolph & Wicklewood Schools for approximately one year until the Deopham Council School was opened in 1909.

The Hall was recorded as being used as a meeting place after the school closure.

The  building was finally sold in 1955.


The Hall was purchased for the village by three locals of notoriety and was given the name GRALIX; this being derived from  their surnames - GRay, ALlen and PhoenIX.


Public Elementary School or Council School    (1909 - 1924)


This was a corrugated iron structure, built at Deopham Green in 1909. Although it was intended to be a temporary school, catering for up to 100 children, it was in use for exactly 15 years. The building became known by the villagers as the 'Tin Tabernacle'.

The first entry in the Council School log book was dated 10th May 1909 with 33 children being enrolled. The staff at the time of opening were E. A. Miller and Miss G. M. Shanasy.


Throughout the schools temporary existence it was plagued with heating problems. The stoves either refused to light or classrooms were smoked out because of blocked chimneys. In December 1917 the log book entry read ' Very cold this morning. Temperature of main room at 9 o'clock = 27 F. Ink frozen '


The school attendances increased from 33 at the time of opening in 1909 to a maximum of 75 in 1922 and reduced to 67 at the time of closure in 1924.


School Masters / Mistresses:-


        1909 - 1910    E. A. Miller

        1910 - 1915    Mrs. H. Whitehouse

        1915 - 1920    Mrs. Mildred New

        1920 - 1922    A. N. Wheatly

        1922 - 1924    Mrs. A. Hart ( M. A. Base, Miss Coe and Miss Atkins were supply teachers during 1923 ) 


The school closed 9th May 1924. The log book entry for this day was, ' This is the last day in the old building. All the children have been cleaning & polishing (furnishing) furniture, preparatory to moving tomorrow '



County Primary School    (1924 - 1980)





  School report for 1952

This school was erected on Vicarage Road and was designed to educate up to 104 children. It was officially opened 13th May 1924 by Mr. H G Copeman (Chairman of Education Committee). Over 100 parents and friends were present.

The head teacher at the time of opening was Mrs. A. Hart and she continued to be in charge until 1942. Mrs. Bone was her replacement, starting 12th October 1942.


My attendance at the school was from 1952 until 1959, after which I was then bused (courtesy of Semence coaches) to Wymondham Secondary Modern.

Mrs. Attewell was then in charge of the infants. She joined the school on the 1st May 1951, replacing Miss Coe, who had been at the school since its opening in 1924.  

When I moved up to the juniors, Mrs. Greenwood became my teacher. She joined the school 1st July 1954.

My teacher in the seniors was Mrs. Bone and she was still head of the school at the time I left the village in 1962.


The head teacher at the time of the schools closure was Mr. M. Robertson, who taught the older children, and Mrs. F. Blanch was teaching the infants.

The last school in Deopham finally closed 25th July 1980 with 23 children being transferred to other schools.